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MIT and Harvard First Generation students came together to meet, network, and socialize for the first time.

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On his inauguration on September 21, 2012, MIT's President Reif shared the story of his parents and their dreams of a better life for their children:

“I want to conclude by celebrating and thanking the good people of this world, while at the same time honoring a most important couple in my life. Each of you listening may recognize a couple like them in your own family, the kind of couple that dreams of a better life for their children. The couple in my story left Eastern Europe in the late 1930s, during one of the darkest periods in its history, and found refuge in South America. This couple raised four sons under extremely difficult circumstances, but raised them with principles, with integrity and values, taught them neither rancor nor hatred, taught them understanding and respect for different points of view, and taught them the value of education and hard work.

Out of the goodness of good people, this couple escaped direct catastrophe to eventually see their children have a better life than that they had. Today, I want to honor everyone who is struggling and who dreams of a brighter future for their children, and to tell each of them that there is hope — because the youngest son of the couple in my story eventually became the 17th president of one of the most remarkable educational institutions the world has ever seen.”

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