Andy Liang

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Andy Liang '14

Chemistry and Brain & Cognitive Sciences

I immigrated from Guangzhou, China at a very young age. My parents were raised with a middle-school education, and worked together selling weights used for scales.

Up to this day my parents still rely on me to speak English for them. This put a heavy burden on me at a very young age. But I love them. If it weren't for their deciding to come to the US and putting me through an American education system, I would not be in MIT today. What they lacked made me stronger. Here they owned a small furniture store, where they often needed me to mediate discussions. Everything I say to people shows not for me, but for us; so I stressed learning the English language well. Today I am an editor in MIT's newspaper, The Tech, where I constantly mediate the discussions that goes on around MIT.

I believe that it was the strengths, not the weaknesses, of being a First-Generation, that has propelled me to be able to overcome my obstacles. My biggest obstacle: learning English. After that, everything else is a piece of cake.