FGP offers a variety of events throughout the year, including:

  • Academic and professional networking opportunities
  • Dinners and other social events
  • Presentations by first generation speakers
  • Community service and volunteer initiatives
  • Opportunities for students to meet with first generation MIT faculty and administrators 

You can also read about some of our other recent events to learn what we have done earlier this semester.

Recognition Ceremony for Graduating Seniors

On May 11th, FGP held a recognition ceremony to celebrate first generation MIT seniors, who came together with a handful of first generation MIT faculty to connect with one another and to celebrate and reflect on the achievements of the soon-to-be graduates! Attendees also received an official FGP Commencement sash to be worn at the 2015 MIT Commencement, and is the first Commencement regalia specifically for first generation MIT graduates.

Mina Healey, Walter Menendez, and Diego Giraldez

Mina Healey, Walter Mendendez, and Diego Giraldez,
the three graduating members of the FGP student advisory board.

Perla Vilarreal, Diana Valero, and Diana Rosales

Perla Villarreal, Diana Valero, and Diana Rosales.

Graduating seniors with their FGP sashes

Seniors model their new FGP Commencement sashes.