FGP offers a variety of events throughout the year, including:

  • Academic and professional networking opportunities
  • Dinners and other social events
  • Presentations by first generation speakers
  • Community service and volunteer initiatives aimed at supporting prospective first generation students
  • Opportunities for you to meet with first generation MIT faculty and administrators

Check out photo highlights from FGP's participation in City Days

The First Generation Program recently participated in CityDays: MLK Day by volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank, the largest hunger-relief organization in New England. The FGP team inspected and sorted over 5,000 pounds of food, enough to feed a family of four for an entire year!

Line of food boxes as FGP students assist at the Boston FoodbankFGP Group outside of Boston Foodbank

FGP at Boston FoodbankFGP group at the Boston Foodbank