Luis Juarez

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Luis Juarez '13

Biological Engineering

I was raised in the small village of Valtierrilla, Guanajuato, Mexico for about ten years. My family then moved permanently to Houston, TX in 2001 because my parents wanted my brother and me to have a future by excelling in academics. We faced all the normal cultural challenges such as language, less family oriented style of life, different foods, and mentality that everyone may succeed. It was hard adjusting to this new culture, but it was a good challenge because it helped our family become even closer. Nowadays if one person is sick, or has failed at something, the rest of the family suffers as well. The reverse also holds for when a person succeeds. My mom's saying, "if you are going to do something, do it well or don't do it at all" still rings very strongly inside of me. Going to church on Sundays also kept our family close. I was raised Roman Catholic, and up to this day I continue to attend Mass on Sundays even though I do not live with my family any longer. At MIT I led a Bible Study and helped out in Mass as a Eucharistic Minister. I also played soccer for the MIT Men's Varsity Soccer team. I graduated in course 20, Biological Engineering, and enjoy doing biomedical research relating to the heart. One of my hobbies is being a DJ because of my love for sound and music.