Brad Bachu

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Brad Bachu '17


I was born in New Jersey but grew up in Trinidad, a small island in the Caribbean.

Throughout high school, I always thought I was going to study at the University of the West Indies and become a mechanical engineer, because that is what my parents expected of me. For most of my life I accepted this path and never bothered to research other possible majors. It was only in my junior year of high school that I discovered that I could follow my passion and pursue a degree in Physics.

Before MIT my exposure to research was basically negligible.  However, as soon as I got here, I felt great joy knowing that I could immediately get experience working with a research group. Furthermore, I have been lucky to meet great people along the way who have helped me through tough times. Although harsh schedules prevent me from seeing my friends as often as I would like to, I try to make the most out of the moments I have with them.

Currently, I am a junior pursuing a double major in Physics and Mathematics. When I am not doing psets, I try my best to work on my UROP, which is in the field of high-energy particle physics. As a member of the MIT CMS Collaboration, my research focuses on dark matter detection in the LHC at CERN. After MIT, I hope to complete graduate school, and maybe one day become a professor myself.