Costa Christopoulos

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Costa Christopoulos '17


My name is Costa and I grew up in Trussville, Alabama, a small town just northeast of Birmingham. My family history is rooted in Greece. 

Both my father and grandmother immigrated to the US in search of better work opportunities, a quest which lead to the creation of our family restaurant. Growing up, I was used to "Greeklish" at home and weekends at my parent's restaurant.

As a graduate of an unassuming public school where admission to first-rate universities was rare, I felt misplaced at MIT. The weight of academic burden and living far from home were intensified by feelings of isolation because of my background. It was only after I began exploring the many personalities and unique perspectives of other students that I felt at home again. Since then, I've tried to appreciate my past instead of viewing it as a limitation and explore the multitude of ways to be an MIT student.

I am now a junior studying Physics and Atmospheric Science. I'm primarily interested in using computational approaches to understand weather and climate. During my time at MIT, I have conducted aerosol research in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and developed weather radar algorithms at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Outside of research, I'm a member of the MIT Forecasting Team, Dance Troupe, and Constructs. After my undergraduate years, I hope to continue studies in computational or atmospheric science in graduate school.

I genuinely enjoy helping students navigate the road through MIT (and life!), so please contact me!