Diego Giraldez

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Diego Giraldez '15

Chemical Engineering

I was born in Lima, Peru, where I was raised in a modest home until I was about ten years old.

In 2001, my family and I moved to New Jersey. No one in family knew any English and both my parents took working class jobs while my older brother and I attended school. Growing up, my parents inculcated the importance of a good education. Therefore, I applied to and attended the Marine Academy of Science and Technology, a magnet school in New Jersey that offered better opportunities in science and mathematics – a pivotal step in my pursuit for a higher education. While I loved my high school, it was lacking in terms of diversity, both ethnic and economic. However, upon arriving at MIT, I noticed that students did not see the color of one’s skin or the contents of one's wallet. Instead, one is respected for achievements, both academic and extracurricular, and of course by the fact that one has earned a spot at MIT, just as equally as all of the students here.

Currently, I am majoring in Chemical Engineering with dual minors in Energy Studies and Economics. During my time here, I have researched clean energy alternatives and am intrigued by methods to raise the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. After graduating, I hope to enter into the energy industry, applying my education and research background to real world solutions. Around campus, I am a member of the Sport Tae Kwon Do Team, Phi Delta Theta, and the Class of 2015 Council. Ultimately, MIT's commitment to diversity and its wonderful student body have inspired me to always strive for equality and mutual respect wherever I may go in life.