Marissa Griffin

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Marissa Griffin '17

Biological Engineering

My story is a little different than most first generation college students'. 

I was orphaned shortly after being born in China, adopted 3 months later by a southern/Californian single mother (which explains my Irish last name), moved around within the US every few years, eventually settled in the exciting state of Oklahoma, and was orphaned again in my junior year of high school due to my mother’s health complications. That's a rough outline of most of the serious events in my pre-MIT life relevant to being first generation.

Today, I'm described as eccentric and energetic, which may be true. I’m making up for my incredibly quiet pre-MIT self now, while I'm in that narrow window before entering the real world! I can often be found bantering with others, scavenging for free food, and trying to get rid of my hoarding tendencies. I'm still looking for what makes me passionate, but some of the activities that I’m involved in are: FGP of course, MedLinks, China Care, exercise (keyword: "try"), and becoming a real biological engineer (course 20!). I love making connections with others more than anything else, so please don't hesitate to contact me!